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Company Profile
Shenzhen Luckystar Digital Technology Co., Ltd 


Shenzhen Luckystar Digital Technology Co., Ltd  has long been engaged in domestic and international first-class digital brand OEM and ODM business, production quality and r&d industry recognition. Brand "aoson" has unique and innovative products, and attracted the vast number of digital enthusiasts since its launch.

Adhere to the principle “customer as the center”, to meet customer demand as the motivity of the development of enterprise. Customer satisfaction is the best reward for the enterprise first philosophy for customer service. Shenzhen Luckystar Digital Technology Co., Ltd has maintained the lead in the field of digital; provide customers with comprehensive high-quality digital and accessories products."Aoson" brand, at present has entered the domestic digital industry to provide clients with perfect product supply and after-sales service.

In recent years based on good channels of the internationalization of business philosophy and strong technical background, with support from the launch of its own brand series products of aoson began, to today, including laptops, tablet, navigation and mobile phones and other digital products full harvest, is luckystars team enhance scientific and technological content, quality, service, and actively advocate diversified and personalized applications. Luckystars  with the famous media, the upstream and downstream manufacturers to establish a strong brand strategy cooperation, rapid rise in the short term for the domestic well-known brand of digital, many products of Luckystars, also obtained the authority of the media and consumer recognition and attention, many products listed are subject to the user's wide recognition and praise of the industry media, won numerous professional media award. In zhongguancun, the Pacific, and the computer, the celestial pole online product in the horizontal evaluation, won numerous awards.

Comply with the Integrity, mutual benefit, equality, fair and transparent Principle, adhere to the "pragmatic" is Luckystars ‘s core ideas advocated by the product brand, Luckystars in a professional and dedicated spirit, to provide customers with cost-effective products and perfect service, and to a high degree of social responsibility, tirelessly to promote healthy and rapid development of digital industry. The biggest advantage of Luckystar is the ability to rapidly and accurately to respond to the industry technology and market changes, and the key to winning in a dozen years is also constantly develop advanced products in the industry. Based on the "people-oriented" service and design guidance, by the market recognition, and occupies more and more important position.

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