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Anson phone after-sales service policy

Thank you for choosing to use anson mobile phone, we will according to the relevant state departments on November 15, 2001 promulgated the "mobile phone commodity is repaired change the responsibility that return money sets", a comprehensive warranty service.If there is not in conformity with national policy or omissions, the national policy shall prevail!

Three rules

1. Within 7 days from the date of sold, the host machine in the provisions of the state of the mobile phone product performance fault table listed performance failure, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair;

2. Since the date of sold 8 days to 30 days, the host machine in the provisions of the state of the mobile phone product performance fault table listed performance failure, consumers can choose a replacement or repair;

3. During the upgrade, complete, correct and true to fill in your mobile phone warranty card and effective upgrade invoice for safekeeping;

4. Effective upgrade invoice: series of mobile phone has to be marked on the invoice number (IMEI number, disconnect the battery, the phone back as 15 number), accessories (battery and charger, etc.) the serial number (lot number) of production, product type, amount, date of sale, the seller seal, etc;

5. Valid warranty card and invoice is the basic guarantee to realize you "3 packets" rights and interests.(valid warranty card and invoice: please fill in the content of the comprehensive, true and correct, no altered.)If lost invoices and 3 packets of prooves are valid, and can not provide effective invoice and a copy of the 3 packets of prooves that we will be with you for what you have to buy mobile phones production for 90 days after the date of beginning date, for your mobile phone offers a one-year warranty service free of charge.

The warranty and principles

1. Your valid warranty service is limited to the normal conditions of use.All man-made damage and it is one of the following situations of mobile telephone products not guarantees, but charging can be repaired

A. beyond 3 packets of validity;

B. damage caused by human factors, including abnormal operating conditions used, not according to the instruction manual use caused damage, etc.;

C. the user to tear open machine, repair, modification or not the company group unit maintenance;

D. by force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.) cause damage;

E. no product warranty card and valid purchase vouchers, or the product model, barcode discrepancy or is altered;

F. products natural wear and tear (such as: shell, keyboard, screen, antennas and accessories, etc.);

G. the company causes of faults, defects or flaws;

H. barcode and maintenance label (fragile stickers) damage, unidentifiable.

2. The other:

A. appearance damage (wear, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy the return service;

B. because of the network, the wireless information service providers (operators) caused by the fault is beyond the scope of the warranty;

C. sellers oral promise, beyond the provisions of this card warranty principle, will not be providing services;

3. In line with the replacement of the product, you can exchange the coinsurance points near to my company, exchange, the host has fault, the free replacement of the company the same specification, same host;Accessories have fault, free replacement parts;

4. To repair the product, you can go to any of the company's nationwide network of coinsurance group points for repair;

5. To develop into or serious man-made damage to the machine maintenance, the user must be associated with anson after-sales service center to sign commissioned maintenance agreement;

6. All parts during the warranty period was replaced, parts and accessories such as owned by our company.

Warm prompt:

1. Please before repairing the machine, first important information will be stored in the phone and phone book record and delete, in order to avoid lost or leaked.

2. The customer in the anson mobile phone repair acceptance form, please fill in according to the requirement, and legible, information effective (name, address, phone number, fault phenomenon, etc.);

3. The customer machine by "anson mobile phone service acceptance form" users take machine, if the customer is lost "user", the customer must hold valid certification of id card or to send a report the loss of formalities, 7 rear desirable machine.

Schedule of the warranty

Component category

Part name

The warranty period

Main components of

The host

For a period of one year from the date of purchase

The attachment

The headset

Three months from the date of purchase

The battery

Since six months from the date of purchase


Three months from the date of purchase

The charger

Three months from the date of purchase


Shell, packaging holster

Do not enjoy free warranty

This policy to all anson mobile technology co., LTD.

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