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1. Aoson brand LOGO "AOSON English letters" as the main design elements, shape a cosmopolitan, contracted fashion, modern science and technology, strong brand image.

2. The LOGO design fusion "think tank, a fine Jane" product concept, integration of font design style atmosphere, hale and hearty in the round, slightly tilted at a right Angle, break traditional design methods, the dynamic movement, symbolizes the strong brand vitality, fully embodies the continuously surpass ourselves, pursue excellent quality of the profound connotation.AOSON originates from Chinese homophonic, reflects the international brand characteristics, is advantageous for the brand promotion and use of the market, both at home and abroad letter connotation is rich, A (amusement, entertainment, fun), O (Outstanding Outstanding), S (supereminent excellent), O (outdo beyond), N (nimble, agile and flexible), moral AOSON aoson beyond innovation, with excellent technology and excellent quality for the user to create an infinite flexible handheld experience and wisdom.English meaning subtly deepen brand theme, in order to convey the "extraordinary wisdom Excellence in heart "brand position, in line with the intelligent mobile phone brand positioning, it represents AOSON aoson is committed to creating extraordinary intelligence and outstanding character set in the integration of smart phones for good vision, through a comprehensive innovation and continuous improvement to become the world's most respected and most valuable brand of China's smartphone.

3. Green standards for the enterprise LOGO USES color, means that the enterprise life, vibrant enterprise development prospects, give a person a kind of lofty, hope, beautiful artistic conception of innovation, moral together with customers to realize the value of the long-term development.

4. The whole logo elegant style, concise and lively, dynamic fashion, avant-garde, specialized and internationalized brand temperament, visual effect is outstanding, in line with the requirements of enterprise image visual communication.Please respect other people's work achievement, unscrupulous XXX site, please don't malicious copy sign cia articles.

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