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The fashion business design Aoson 6.27 inch screen smart phones G631

Well-known manufacturers aoson recently launched a 6.27 -inch delicate screen double card double stand Smartphone G631, the machine will be ultra-thin, metal case, nowadays the most "hot" element such as image gathering, unanimous esteem by the fashion people. Appearance, the front completely black color, is in the hands with sedate feeling, highlight G631 business atmosphere. Fully reveal the thin fashion taste. Super delicate screen performance of aoson G631 Smartphone is definitely worth your attention.

On the appearance design, aoson G631 highlights the extreme beauty of science and technology, with extreme compact fashion appearance. The fashion business van appearance, ultra-thin fuselage, integrated personality and chic, makes airframe extremely texture and taste of the phone. The machine of craftsmanship also became a focal point to attract consumer attention. Configuration, it has a 6.27 -inch IPS screen whole Angle, vision is more open, resolution of 1280 x720 pixels, clear natural effect. The appearance of one eye can see this is a high-end business Smartphone, whether playing games or watching movies, to be able to feel the unique visual charm.

Aoson G631 HD screen using the 6.27 inch IPS, the home screen resolution of 1280 x720 pixel, clear and fine effect, will bring users unparalleled visual experience. Built in the machine with a 1.3 GHz, GPU: for Mali - 400 mp quad-core processors, the machine running speed is very smooth, and 1 gb of RAM + 8 gb ROM memory, expanded memory Micro SD (TF card), the largest support to 32 gb, support the 3.5 mm plug apple standard interface headsets, data interface can support the Micro USB 5 pins, using 3.7 V battery 2400 mah lithium-ion batteries, bluetooth 4.0, run Android 4.4 intelligent operating system, user interface humanization, application software is more also. In addition the machine can support WCDMA/GSM double card double standby function.

On the photo, aoson G631 has 8 million pixels in the back of the fuselage autofocus camera, the lens is 5 million pixels, support of facial type image sensor, and the stack effect is very good, let rival SLR cameras, mobile phones bring astonishing ability to take.

Aoson G631 whether appearance or feel is above all for the user to bring excellent control experience, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention.

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