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Aoson watches: super smart watches

The function of the smart watch is an extension of the smartphone. It is, in fact, as a cell phone peripherals. People will regard it as another screen to use mobile phones. aoson watch is exempt from the user to pay phone trouble, whether from a pocket or bag, rather than replace smart phones.Such as alert users to the calls, text messages, microblogging, social media, such as the micro letter information updates, etc.

The intelligent table function of aoson watch is quite complete, as far as I know, it's function mainly include: network timing: synchronization time;Multiple remind: sedentary remind, sports, phone calls reminding, alarm to remind;Motion perception: run laps timing, step ring gauge, running laps distance, daily total number, total distance, total daily calorie consumption;Sport management: bluetooth data synchronization, goal, APP data visualization analysis.

aoson watch meet the needs of various users, is a "good".Various advantages listed below:

1. Always show time information.The watch is the time to look at, smart watches and rightly so.

2. Compatible with iOS and Android. Independence under the condition of current technology, but also the characteristics of this kind of product should have. aoson watch support for the iOS and Android is also essential.

3. Design like a watch. Different crowd have their own characteristics, also designed for the lovers

4. The high life. Don't need to charge, do not need to upgrade, can take it for a long time. You don't need to always need to re-charge smart watches, don't worry about it may at any time without power, doesn't become your burden of "smart".

5. Outdoor visibility. As a watch, if it is the content on the screen in the sun can't see anything, why take it? aoson watch visibility is very good, suitable for any environment.

6. Waterproof. After wearing the watch, also can free to make any activities, such as swimming, bathing, and don't have to worry about smart watch will be damaged by water.

7. The personalized customization. As an important accessory revealing their own taste, personalized custom watches will be able to increase intelligence for the consumer the attraction.

8. Health function. aoson watch can monitor the heart rate, movement control, sedentary remind, etc.

9. Tailor-made interface. This is not just because of this kind of equipment to the small screen, and the user can use gestures to interact with them. aoson watch interface simple operation is convenient.

10. Application.A smart watches should also be open enough to let the developers to make full use of its function.If the lack of application support, the fate of the smart watches, and some platform smartphone is no different.There are numerous aoson watch application waiting for consumers to discover.

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