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Love Watch recent: extremely perfect, the advantages of large inventory

Aoson smart watches miniaturization, watches can not only allow the user to wear more dazzle, also can bring users with mobile phone completely different experience.When people are tired of the same pointer watch, will be a "screen" to wear on your wrist will certainly let you become the focus in the crowd.

Love watch recent compared with similar products is more mature and easy to use.The whole love watch recent is has many advantages, can see from the following function details.

1. Dim the screen at once: love watch recent dim the screen to save power, but you can also manually to accelerate this process.

Step 2. Remember to set daily goals and: love watch recent steps will automatically track you through every day, and keep track of your overall performance.You can see this information in fitness applications, and set up the goal of every day.When you complete set of goals, can remind notice.

3. Close the screen: "always open" display: yes, it is a big characteristic, but even in the dim of black and white mode, the screen is still in power.If you for life, some worry, you can choose in the Settings menu of closed always open options screen.But want to wake up the screen, you can click on the screen with your fingers or will tilt to his wrist.

4. Change the dial: I don't like love watch recent default dial?Only need in setting up a transfer with your fingers, you'll see more dial options, you can realize the operation in the middle of the Settings menu.

5. Restore factory Settings: if there's any problem in equipment, you can choose to restore factory Settings in the Settings menu.But when using this function had better be careful, because the system of all the data will be deleted.

6. Adjust the screen brightness, the screen brightness for life has a great influence on the equipment, if you can stand the dark screen, with its return for longer life is worth it.You can be found in the Settings menu to adjust the brightness of the screen option.

7. Photo: if you are on a mobile phone to install the Google applications in my camera, then Android can be Wear as a remote control shutter

8. Through speech open application: speech is love watch recent control essential way, alone to talk you can everything in the control system, including the open application.You just need to speak to activate the voice function, then issue instructions, will begin to run the corresponding application.

There are many application advantages, in this is differ a list, echocardiography action, love watch recent worth having.

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