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New function of Aoson watch: Heart Rate Monitor at any time

Now wearable devices have become increasingly popular, currently on the market there have been many good smart watches products, including Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble, Toq, etc. But these watches are biased toward and smart phone with data communications function, if you pay more attention to health, and therefore is also looking for a suitable intelligent watches, so it is called Aoson smart Watch is absolutely what you want. Aoson watch is not just a Watch, and at the same time also has a very strong track activity and heart rate monitoring function.

Aoson smart watch has a 1.22 -inch display, appearance atmosphere, stainless steel and aluminum leather strap Watch body collocation, the beautiful looks is better than the traditional intelligence, is full of fashion sense of design. It has a good user interface; low power consumption of the LCD display allows users to capture all useful information at a glance. In love Watch recent inside is full of mystery, it built a health tracker, can monitor and record the condition of the wearer's heart rate, can also play the role of a pedometer, as well as the health advice. Users only need to via Bluetooth watch and connected to the application of the smart phone, it will be able to read the stored data, also can through the software built-in function, view the health data in recent months, and in-depth analysis of the data.

Aoson smart watch recharged through the innovative inhaled interface, a charge can be 168 hours standby, life level comprehensive beyond all the smart watches on the market. Aoson smart watch not only has rich powerful health monitoring, it's also wonderful appearance, concise air, fashion sense. It will really watch precision technology perfect fusion of modern science and technology and make everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology bring us.

Aoson love Watch recent has been on taobao, the raise, 599 yuan of ultra-low prices also it serves to show its sincerity, interested friends can go to a support. We also expect more domestic intelligence can Watch like love Watch recent, bring convenience to our lives.

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