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Health is the most important depth resolution aoson watch health function

Small make up as a science and technology media, day and night to work overtime tired as a dog is the norm.Shortly before WenTai communications engineer zhang sudden death must have learned each netizen?Many people have said sorry and alert the many workaholics.Small make up a preliminary analysis of the death cause of the tsinghua students is: often work overtime and irregular life work and rest.So how can we get this to happen?Small make up today is to introduce the aoson love Watch recent health functions, from sudden death do more healthy.

Small make up to say above all is the recent step gauge function, accuracy natural need not say more, every step is very accurate.At the same time it also can give a precise data synchronization to phone a client, a detailed analysis of the running, such as how many calories consumed and so on.

We all know that professional athletes wear heart rate belt and other products to detect the heart rate, recent also supports powerful heart rate monitoring.Small make up test normal heart rate at around 80, after the movement will be more than 110, of course this is different from person to person.Tact small make up also pulse test, is really not bad!Hurry to buy a try!

In addition, the recent intelligent wrist watch also support the management functions of sleep.Easily record your morpheus condition, such as sleep a few hours last night, deep sleep, light sleep, and so on are clear.More you know more about your sleep, reasonable improve sleep quality.And sedentary remind function also is pretty good, work sit long can up to drink a cup of coffee or something is good.Now love Watch recent intelligent wrist Watch is taobao the raise, only 599 yuan can have!Still not quick to support, it's late, no!

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