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Exquisite fashion dazzle colour Aoson smartphone G520 double card

Now like to watch video on mobile phones, more and more users play games, screen smart phone favored by more users, well-known manufacturers aoson launched a 5.25 inch double card double standby smart phone G520, is an extreme ultra-thin airframe design fashion smart phone, the appearance of the new high-end show loved by consumers, at the same time, the built-in quad-core processors, ensure smooth operation.

Adopt a low profile on appearance concise design concept, carry light and flexible, 5.25 -inch look very grab an eye, suitable for all kinds of entertainment video game play. Others support a Unicom WCDMA/GSM dual network, double card double standby. It is very suitable for business people or more busy users, is for work and life.

Configuration on aoson G520 machine used the 5.25 inch screen, have 1280 x720 resolutions, using the IPS display of perspective and the OGS TP the laminating process, built a faster 1.3 GHz four core processor. The GPU specific models for Mali - 400 mp, frequency up to 533 MHZ, support bluetooth 4.0. With 1 GB memory 8GB storage space, carrying the Android 4.4.2 operating system, the overall running very smooth, expanded memory Micro SD (TF card) maximum support to 32 GB, support the 3.5 mm plug apple standard interface headsets, data interface using Micro USB 5 pins. Battery capacity is 3.7 V 1750 mah lithium battery. Also comes with dual SIM card function, support Unicom 3 g network, to enhance the performance of the system hardware and other comprehensive intelligence services.

About shoot, aoson G520 is equipped with 8 million autofocus camera + 2 million pixels front lens combination, has very excellent imaging effect. And to provide a broader shooting Angle, easy to take. Support the gravity sensors, distance/light sensor, and carries on the scene mode can be, and other professional digital zoom, rich in content.

Aoson G520 5.25 inch screen, or quad-core processors, has a good performance, excellent control experience for the user.

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