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Can love Watch recent redefining China intelligent wrist Watch?

Today Apple Watch leading the tide of global intelligent wrist Watch, wrist surface has a variety of intelligence at home and abroad at the same time, the competition is so big, also let the wrist Watch including luxury Watch industry stressed out!Recently, the news on May 12, according to foreign media reports, apple seems to bases the matter through Watch dominate the wearable equipment market, but if apple fails, it may drag on the whole intelligent Watch industry.Is in the severe market test, we are looking forward to aoson love Watch recent can stand out, to redefine China's intelligent wrist Watch?

Revealed for the first time online love to Watch the new functions of the recent watches.It is understood that the table will have Gao Mindu sensor, can detect the heart rate and exercise state of sleep.Hardware configuration of this watch is very strong, at the same time, it will use the special custom interface based on MTK operating system independent development, is a can together with the most popular mobile phone in the market of the expanded accessories.

However, the function has a main problem to be solved at present, one is the high energy consumption, and solve the problem for today's smart watches is more difficult (Apple did not attack), the range of recent theoretical value up to 168 hours, currently it is already more than hot Apple watch, was a smart watches cruising ability of the breakthrough, compared in an attempt to fight for market the smart watch manufacturers will be in the next change products to improve this a parameter.

In addition, recent will meet with the mainstream of large dial design, and also has its own special customization based on MTK operating system, hardware products quality at the same time, the use of titanium alloy casing, high quality environmental protection and durable tyre adhesive tape, on the texture is value.As for the price, $95.5 (599 yuan) according to the strategy of has long been a favourite recent price must be used to attract consumers.

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