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A 10.1 inch screen 3G tablet Aoson M102T costs 899 Yuan

Along with the development of the tablet, day by day serious homogeneity makes consumers is some aesthetic fatigue. Recently, aoson tablet manufacturers to launch a 3 g phone 10.1 inch plate, the plate adopts the Air level IPS screen, 1280 * 800 resolution, 9 mm is extremely narrow frame design, 9.8 mm thin body chic look. Using apple should be proud of CNC numerical control machine tool cutting with laser water milling technology, this technology allows M102T eight edges shine.10.1 -inch screen can bring outstanding visual experience, both in everyday to get to the Internet and see the video is very good. At present the machine for 899 Yuan, like friends might as well look.

Delicate appearance screen, aoson M102T the fashionable Chinese style corner arc aesthetic design, tie-in 16:9 screen segmentation golden ratio makes an extremely narrow margin 9.8 9 mm thin body of chic look. With 10.1 inch Air IPS screens, 1280 * 800 resolutions, equipped with dual cameras, rear front 2 million to 5 million. Take pictures, take, and video chat, all done. Screen using color Display displays, screen more fully clear, the color is more bright, level more clearly, the 16:9 HD widescreen narrow side of the golden ratio design; Accomplish a 28% increase in the visual area of a tablet, creates sound near the border of the screen viewing effect, open the great age of the giant screen to narrow edge flat viewing.

With Apple core technology, aoson M102T pioneered in apple in many domestic manufacturers products should be proud of CNC numerical control machine tool cutting with laser water milling technology, cutting out a line in the metal surface, again through 28 sides of late processing metal edges with outline, make whole perspective glittering borders, high process difficult and time-consuming very long, CNC cutting produced M102T unique line, this process makes M102T eight edges of brilliance, Sir And electroplated grinding process of silver metal back cover but also added a lavish aristocratic temperament.

Configuration, aoson M102T carry Mediatek MT8382 latest quad-core CPU, frequency of 1.3 GHZ, combined with advanced process technology, the speed faster, lower power consumption and heat output, is currently the most advanced, one of the most energy saving quad-core tablet processor. Tablet with the machine match the current price of the most rapid 1 gb DDR3 memory, can release the strong performance of quad-core processors, perfect the fuselage with 16 gb of storage space and expanding support 32 gb memory card, mass storage space, meet your requirements. Aoson M102T adopts ARM Mali400 quad-core graphics, configuration strong 3 d graphics decoding function; guarantee the perfect operation of the various large 3 d games.

In addition, aoson M102T tablet can perfectly compatible with office software, 16:9 screen golden ratio also is very fit for daily habits, and more convenient to carry; Work first, the supremacy of life, perfect balance only aoson M102T.

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