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Luckystar Digital Technology Co., Ltd has long been engaged in domestic and international first-class digital brand OEM and ODM business, production quality and r&d industry recognition. Brand "aoson" has unique and innovative products, and attracted the vast number of digital enthusiasts since its launch.

Variety extension Aoson M785 exquisite expansion feature rich
The configuration and the appearance of the product is a primary focus on consumers to purchase a tablet, but as the HDMI hd output, Mira cast infinite display Shared technology mature...
10.1 inch studying tablet Aoson M1013 student sell like hot cakes
Most learning tablet, as a kind of tutoring students learning tools, able to provide an interactive learning platform, experience the fun of learning.
New scene aoson attack 2014 global sources fair in Hong Kong
On April 12 to 15, the spring of 2014 global sources electronics show will be held in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo comprehensively.Aoson as domestic well-known brand of technical innovative tablet...